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ILLINOIS (312) 550-1473

WISCONSIN (262) 470-0077

Fundamental / Basic Course Curriculum

Tuition Cost: $5,500.

This fundamental course is designed to transform a brand new student into a knowledgeable and skilled permanent cosmetics technician. Students who take this course will graduate with the understanding and confidence in performing eyebrows, eyeliner, lip lining and shading procedures.

In addition, Lynn Duncan's medical background provides you with an "enhanced understanding of proper safety precautions, including sterilization, sanitation and the avoidance of cross-contamination." This is crucial for your personal protection and the protection of your clients for any technician working within this industry.

SPCP Certified SPCP Certified SPCP Certified

Bachelor of Science Degree, University of WI Milwaukee *

Commencement Honors, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Certificate for Registered Occupational Therapist Assoc.

* Lynn Duncan Graduated From UWM on "The Dean's List." (Lynn is a perfectionist.)

Fundamental/Basic Training Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to Permanent Cosmetics
A. History of tattooing as it applies to permanent cosmetics
B. Overview of the different types of machines and devices

2. Sterilization/Sanitation
A. Bloodborne Pathogens test/certificate
B. Avoiding cross-contamination
C. Proper cleaning, disinfecting
D. Sterilization requirements
E. Proper disposal of sharps container and bio-hazardous waste.

3. Consultation
A. Client profile - analyze character traits and client selection; discussion of client expectations
B. Photography

4. Medical History/Client Information Form
A. Identify potential problems for permanent cosmetics
B. Determine when a physician review is advised
C. Obtaining medical clearance

5. Consent Forms - Informed Consents
A. Liability Issues
B. Model Release

6. Office Set-Up
A. General equipment; floor plan; building codes
B. Treatment room - necessary supplies

7. Health Requirements
A. Discussion of acceptable forms of sterilization vs. disposable equipment
B. Disinfectants and antiseptics; proper housecleaning
C. OSHA and CDC guidelines regarding bloodborne pathogens
D. Avoiding cross-contamination
E. Technician safety - handwashing, Hepatitis B vaccination; gloves; masks
F. Proper handling of devices, needles and pigments
G. Sanitary measures during procedure set up and clean up

8. Client Preparation
A. Pre-procedure care
B. Preparing the client's skin; marking the skin
C. Effective Anesthetics

9. Color and Pigment Theory
A. Understanding the color wheel
B. Discussion of how skin undertones and pigments work together
C. Pigment mixing and storage
D. Color Correction

10. Skin Anatomy
A. Discussion of skin layers
B. Healing process of skin and skin care
C. Skin diseases: infection, herpes, moles, warts, freckles, psoriasis, eczema; reactions of skin to various materials
D. Fitzpatrick Scale and its relation to color response
E. Determining undertones of warm and cool complexions

11. Needles
A. Appropriate needle selection and applications for various effects as hair simulation, shading, soft powdery finishes, etc.
B. Storage and disposal

12. Equipment - Digital Machining
A. Digital machine introduction
B. Assembly and disassembly
C. Use of protective barrier film; proper and safe cleaning of machine.
— OR —
12. Equipment - SofTap
The only SofTap equipment needed are various needle groupings and configurations, plus miscellaneous.

13. After-Care
A. Client follow-up
B. After-care instructions; ointment

14. Business/Marketing
A. Basic business and marketing guidelines
B. Insurance/liability
C. Discussion of professional organizations
D. Client expectations

15. Practice Procedures
A. Discuss facial morphology and variations in facial shapes
B. Discuss eyebrow designs; practice
C. Discuss eyeliner designs; practice
D. Proper eye stretching techniques for safe application
E. Discuss lip shaping and color blending; practice
F. Work on mannequins and/or practice pads
G. Watch demonstrations of all procedures prior to student applications on live models
H. Students will perform a minimum of 2 of each category:
1) Soft-filled and hairstroke eyebrows
2) Natural finish eyeliner
3) "Gloss and go" liplining with shaded blending

Important Notes

— Prior to starting class, we are providing a link for you to obtain an online Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate. This website is provided by OSHA, is a separate fee, and is required by the State of IIlinois. You will need to bring this Certificate into class with you for your training. (Link)

— Upon receipt of your non-refundable deposit, you will receive your comprehensive Student Manual through the mail for home study.

— We allow our students to bring their own live models for training, however, they must first be approved by class instructors.

— Following successful completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Advanced Permanent Makeup Course Curriculum

Tuition:  $1,500 per day (8 hours)

Unless students have successfully completed Lynn and/or Kristin Duncan's Fundamental/Basic Permanent Makeup Training Program, students must prove competency in permanent makeup application prior to enrolling into this Advanced Program.

Customized advanced training is available for the experienced permanent makeup artist who is ready to take her skills to the next level. Advanced training is individually scheduled and is private.

Advanced students may choose from:

— Digital Machine Training...Including Advanced Slope Needle Techniques
— Color Correction Training...Color Theory/Corrective Procedures/Troubleshooting
— Specialty Training...Including Contoured/Blended Lip Color
— Specialty Training ...Including Designer Eyeliner Techniques (Smudgy, French, Dramatic)
— Specialty Training...Including Paramedical Areola & 3-D Nipple Repigmentation
— Specialty Training...Including Scar/Vitiligo Camouflage & Scalp Pigmentation
— Specialty Training....Scar Relaxation/Dry Needling Techniques

Permanent Makeup Training "3-D" Eyebrows

Tuition:  $2,500

"3-D" Hairstroke Eyebrows (Machine Method)

— This is a two day intensive workshop - please call for dates and locations.
— Students must prove competency in permanent makeup skills prior to enrollment unless successfully completed Lynn and/or Kristin Duncan's Fundamental/Basic Training Permanent Makeup Program.

- OR -

"3-D" Hairstroke Eyebrows (Manual Method/Microblade)

— This is a two day intensive workshop - please call for dates and locations.
— Students must prove competency in permanent makeup skills prior to enrollment.

Permanent Makeup Training for Medical Professionals

Tuition: $2,500

This is a two day program; please call for availability in scheduling (262) 470-0077.

Unless students have successfully completed Lynn and/or Kristin Duncan's Fundamental/Basic Permanent Makeup Training Program, students must prove competency in permanent makeup application prior to enrolling into this program.

This Areola Complex Tattoo Training Program is a specialized training program geared for the medical professional who would like to learn how to create the realistic appearance of a natural areola(s) and how to properly color-match an areola in the case of a unilateral mastectomy.

Medical professionals will learn how to use varied subtle colors with diffused perimeters, rather than the usual "cookie-cutter" look which is often the result when someone who is not artistically trained in this area does areola tattooing.

Also, very much in demand, is the "3-D" nipple tattooing. This technique, obviously, is for the patient who has had a mastectomy without the creation of nipple(s). You will learn how to design and shade the skin properly while creating the illusion of a "protruding" nipple.

This program also includes learning scar camouflage for various body parts, including scars post breast mastectomy or breast augmentation; vitiligo; and scalp pigmentation from hair loss.

Lastly, scar relaxation, will be taught as many medical professionals will most definitely utilize this technique in their practice as an adjunct to scar camouflage, or simply alone without scar camouflage.

Press Release: (Features Lynn Duncan)
CLICK: "Cosmetic Tattooing Option for Cancer Survivors" by Donna Frake
Lake Country Reporter (2006)

Permanent Makeup Training for Tattoo Artists

Many women are seeking "cosmetic" tattooing services. This is a great time to add this menu item to your studio. Why lose your clients to someone else when you can do this yourself?

Lynn Duncan has used the coil machine for permanent makeup procedures years well before the state-of-the-art digitalized permanent makeup machines were even invented.

Lynn's permanent makeup coil machine technique experience, coupled with her expertise in color theory, pigment selection, anesthetics, makeup artistry, creates the perfect training platform for the tattoo artist.

Also, Lynn's medical background as a currently State-Licensed Registered Occupational Therapist provides the peace of mind in knowing that you'll be learning this art with a medically-oriented individual. You will learn how to do "sterile and safe" permanent makeup procedures and know that you can contact Lynn at any time in the future with any questions which may arise following your training with her.

Press Release:
CLICK: Lynn Using The Traditional Coil Machine
Wisconsin Woman Magazine, (9/2003) "What We Treasure Most"

Click: Lynn Duncan on WTMJ4 Milwaukee
Lynn Duncan's interview with Maureen Mack of WTMJ 4! (Aired December 10th, 2004 (25 MB)

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