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Tattoo Removal
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Non-Surgical, Non-Laser Tattoo Removal
        "All You Have To Lose Is Your Tattoo"

What Choices are Available for
Tattoo Removal Today?

Surgical removal or Laser removal treatments are very costly and may result in various undesirable side effects, including incomplete color removal, scarring, skin depigmentation, and pain/discomfort.

Our Saline tattoo removal involves a salt-water method which is very successful in tattoo removal, is safe, and involves much less pain/discomfort when performed by a properly trained technician.

What is the Saline Process of Tattoo Removal like?

We use topical anesthetics before and during the tattoo removal process for your comfort.  We are able to use a similar process as when you received your tattoo.Afterwards, the area is thoroughly cleansed and bandaged.

Following the removal, you will be given written after-care instructions, although you will also find after-care instructions at the bottom of this page for your convenience, as well.

Benefits of Saline Method of Tattoo Removal:

First of all, fewer treatments are required, as compared to Laser tattoo removal, to completely remove any tattoo or permanent makeup which saves you lots of money!

Most tattoos will appear lighter with the removal of some ink after one treatment.  Generally, with just a few treatments, you will see significant results. Some tattoos have been removed with just one or two treatments.  Since there is no way of knowing what type of ink or how much or how deep the ink was put into your skin, and since skin types vary, there is no guarantee on how many treatments will be needed to achieve satisfactory results.

Secondly, there is much less pain and discomfort than with the Laser which burns the skin. Our saline method is much more gentle on the skin, a less ablative procedure...with a faster healing time!

Thirdly, it removes almost every color!  If you've investigated Laser tattoo will have found out that Lasers only remove "some" colors, not all. And, if the tattoo has any white ink or a mixture of white ink in it, the Laser will turn the skin black in those areas.

Our saline method will even remove the black from the Laser treatments!

Saline Tattoo Removal Prices

Prices for Permanent Makeup Removal:

$200/both $100 one
$100 upper OR
lower lip line  
$150/upper AND lower lip line

Pricing For Conventional Tattoos/Body Art Saline Removal:

Tattoo size within 1" x 1"
$75 per treatment
Tattoo size within 2" x 2"
$100 per treatment
Tattoo size within 3" x 3" $125 per treatment
Tattoo size within 4" x 4"
$150 per treatment
Tattoo size within 5" x 5" $200 per treatment
Larger Tattoos (larger than 5" x 5" ...or full sleeves...etc.)
require a consultation for pricing.
There are no refunds or guarantees, and results do vary.

Before and After Photos

(Photos Copyright Tattoo Vanish Inc.)

After-Care Instructions
Saline Lightening and Tattoo Removal

KEEP THE TREATED AREA CLEAN AND DRY. Any moisture to the treated area may result in an infection, scarring or an undesirable result.


  • If the tattoo is on your hand, latex or vinyl gloves may be worn.  However, be sure to remove them immediately after you've used them, as moisture will quickly build up in them.
  • Keep Saran Wrap and plastic tape near your shower so
    that you may securely cover the area while in the shower.
    No lotions, ointments, makeup, etc. until completely healed and the scab has fallen off on its own. This may take 2 weeks or longer for this to occur.
  • KEEP THE AREA COVERED with a Telfa or "non-stick" gauze or dressing to help avoid any irritation from clothing or other objects rubbing against it.
  • DO NOT PICK AT THE SCAB or else you will prevent the saline solution from removing as much ink as possible...and may also result of scarring.

After the scab has fallen off, the skin beneath will appear pink for up
to one year or longer. This varies according to each individual's lymphatic system. You will notice continued lightening for several months following the removal.


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