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“Even a single, misplaced line can detract from the beauty of your face…”
  “This is no time to bargain shop…”

It’s both upsetting and embarrassing for those women who have had a permanent makeup procedure and end up needing to have it corrected.  But, what do you do when that occurs? You can contact Lynn Duncan for a private consultation so that she may assist you in selecting the most appropriate method of correction. 

Lynn is a Corrections Specialist and has many years of experience in correcting other technicians’ work. However, there are some corrections that are actually, not correctable. If this is the case, Lynn is also able to advise you with suggestions to help regain your appearance.

Correcting poorly applied permanent makeup is a rewarding experience and every correction is unique. Depending upon the problem, prices will vary, although all consultations are free of charge. Usually, a series of visits are required. 

Lynn Duncan is a Board-Certified Permanent Makeup Artist and choosing her as your trusted permanent makeup artist the first time would serve you well.

Remember…permanent makeup is just that…”permanent” …it cannot be washed off…

Call Lynn at (262) 470-0077 to schedule a consultation.