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The Beauty & Benefits of Permanent Makeup


Can You Benefit From Permanent Makeup?

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Then take the following quiz. If you say "yes" to any one of the following questions, you are a candidate for permanent makeup.

Have you ever...

...wondered how happy you might be with beautifully applied makeup every day and night?

...wondered how a permanent cosmetic artist with a makeup artistry certification might apply makeup to your face?

...wished you had a more youthful-looking face?

...noticed that you feel better when you are wearing makeup?

...noticed how much time you spend throughout the day applying and re-applying your makeup?

...noticed that it is becoming more challenging to apply your eyeliner?

...noticed that a properly placed arch in an eyebrow can take years off of your face?

...had a bad makeup day?

...gotten out of bed before your husband in the morning to quickly put on some eyebrows?

...noticed that as you age your lips are becoming smaller and less plump and would benefit from a lip color enhancement?

...refrained from social events, like swimming, because you were afraid that someone might see you without makeup?

...been timid when hugging someone because you were afraid they'd end up wearing your brows?

...cried at a wedding and smeared your eyeliner?

...lost a game of tennis along with your brows?

...noticed that a little ray of sun or a small summer breeze can ruin the moment as your eyeliner begins to run?

...kissed someone and accidentally noticed lipstick on their clothing?

...wondered why your neighbor always looks so fresh and ready to go?

...been outside watching the fresh snowflakes fall and notice that your eyeliner is melting along with them?

...been late for an appointment because you had spent too much time in the mirror trying to match your eyebrows?

...wished that somebody might consider you to be one of those naturally born beauties?

...wondered why your husband tells you that you look great with no makeup and then you find him staring at the lady who is wearing some?

...wondered where the expression "plain jane" comes from?

...spent more time in front of the mirror quickly applying makeup just to spend one minute running into the post office or store?

...seen your elderly aunt with her lipstick surrounding her mouth and you always tell yourself that you will never let that happen to you?

...wondered if Hollywood celebrities are having permanent cosmetic procedures done?*

...wondered what the best mother's day gift might be?

...wondered how happy your husband might be if he would see you with beautifully applied makeup all the time?

*Yes, Hollywood celebrities have also been enjoying the benefits of permanent cosmetics. Properly applied, permanent cosmetics look more natural than conventional makeup.

Lynn Duncan, OTR, SMP has both a Makeup Artistry Certification from San Diego, CA as well as many Advanced Certifications in Permanent Makeup Applications from around the nation.